Hi, My name is Chad Durbin and I’m a baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. When my family and I moved here from Philly,I wanted to find an activity that will help my son Cade(3 1/2) develop his athletic abilities early and help him develop self- confidence. He is a very shy boy and his mom and I were struggling to find an activity where he was willing to participate. After doing some research, we found J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center. As soon as I came in and met the Master and the instructors, I could see their passion for the art and their dedication towards teaching children. Cade however, did NOT want to take classes initially and cried by his mom the whole time. Although my wife and I were very disappointed , master Kang reassured us that Cade is just a shy 3 years old and that with time,patience, and encouragement, Cade would be able to gain enough confidence to train. Although we were a bit skeptical, we decided to give it a try and see if it’ll help him.Through the early months of Taekwondo training from Master Kang and instructor David, I saw their constant encouragement, their patience,and their amazing experience to work with even shy children like Cade. After a month, I don’t know how, but Cade was participating in all of his classes with the biggest smile on his face! As a parent, I was so happy to see him develop such confidence at such an early age. Although as a professional athlete, I know how important physical development is, I feel that building a strong foundation of discipline and confidence at the young age is even more important. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Cade started Taekwondo at J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo center and highly recommend it to any parents that are looking for positive change in your children. Thank you. 10/12/2011 Chad Durbin Westlake, Ohio  


Hello, my name is Gary Brown and I’m the running back coach for the Cleveland Browns.  My two children Dorianna and Tre have both been enrolled at J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center for over two years. As a coach, I understand how important discipline and structure is to young children. At J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center, the master and instructors have taught my children those great values and so much more! Their ability to work with children, their patience, and their professionalism was truly amazing.  I highly recommend J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo center and Master Kang for you and your children, thank you.


Gary Brown
Avon, Ohio



Our family has been completely happy that we made the decision to sign our two children up with Master Kang over two years ago now. The increase in concentration, discipline, and overall better behavior has more than exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend to anyone for themselves or with children who are looking for betterment.



Jason and Margie Karl
Olmsted Falls, Ohio.



chooHello, I’m MLB player Shin Soo Choo. My son, Moo Bin, has been diligently training Taekwondo from J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center since 2009. Unfortunately, due to the trade ( Cincinnati Reds ), we had to leave the school in 2013. I’d like to first thank all the fans in greater Cleveland and all the support from the students and parents from J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center. As a Korean native I understand that Taekwondo training is vital to the mind and body regardless of age, sex, or physical condition. I felt first hand the positive effect the Taekwondo training has had on my son. Moreover, I was very impressed by their curriculum and deeply moved by the amazing dedication from Grand Master Kang and all other instructors show their students. Treating each student like family and training them according to individual needs. Their level of love and dedication was not something I experienced in other schools. Unfortunately I will not be in Cleveland anymore, but if you or your children are interested in starting martial arts, I strongly recommend J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center! You will NOT be disappointed. Lastly, I’d like to thank Grand Master Kang and all of the Instructors for everything they have done for my family. Thank you very much.

– Shin Soo Choo – sgnt