GrandMaster Park’s student, Lee Dae Hoon at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Literally translated, Tae means the kick of strike with the foot, Kwon means fist or to strike with the hand, and Do means a nonviolent art and system of complete body exercise as well as a way of life.

It includes physical techniques, mental discipline and deep philosophy. By practicing Taekwondo, one can benefit in these ways.

Physically, one can develop good coordination, gain strength, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular conditioning.
From all these physical practices, one can have a strong body.

Mentally, one can build self-confidence, gain better judgement and improve self-control.
From all of these mental disciplines, one can have a strong mind.

Philosophically, while developing a strong body and a strong mind, it is appropriate to learn the valuable tools and lesson in life ordered by the Taekwondo philosophy.

Here at J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo we train the World Taekwondo Kukkiwon (WT) style, the branch of Taekwondo that is by far the most common in the world and is also an official sport in the Olympics. As much as we focus on the athletic aspect of Taekwondo, we never forget the respect and discipline that comes naturally with the Martial Art.

What is Kukkiwon?

Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters for Dan/Poom certification and it is situated in Seoul Korea. A Kukikwon certificate is widely regarded as the most prestigious of all the Black Belt certificates within the art of Taekwondo. The World Taekwondo Federation, which is the international governing body for Taekwondo, requires that all those who wish to compete at international level be Kukkiwon certified. Those that do not have Kukkiwon certification may also find that they might not be able to qualify in official courses such as International Referee, etc.

Because Martial Arts are not regulated in the United States or in most other countries, there can be abuse and lack of quality instruction by those with little or no real qualifications. As a Kukkiwon school, our instructors have tested for their Dan certification so that a common set of standards and criteria are adhered to as set by Kukkiwon.

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