Re-opening from Covid19

2020-06-22 13:05
We are OPEN! 6/16/2020

The facility will re-open starting June 16th. Please check the updated schedule and facility guidelines to ensure safety for ALL students and staff. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

*Covid - 19 guideline for the training facility*

To ensure safety and health for all students and family, we have set guidelines for the facility.
Facility and staff
• Each equipment used during classes will be wiped down. (Only one set of equipment will be used per student/family to ensure social distancing.
• Training floors and bathrooms will be mopped with bleach/cleaning solution mix to ensure floor is clean before classes.
• Staff’s temperature will be checked before beginning their classes and sanitize themselves between each class and during.
• To ensure social distancing, occupancy level, and clean environment, class sizes are limited to ten students per room. There will be NO seating areas for parents until it’s safe to do so and/or restrictions are eased.
• Social distancing will be observed through markers in the training floors, equipment will be spread apart to ensure sufficient spacing.

• Temperature will be checked upon entry EVERY TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a student’s temp is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not be allowed to enter the facility until we deem it’s safe to do so.
• Hands will be sanitized before entry and again when they leave the facility.
• Changing rooms will not be available until restrictions are lifted.
• We highly recommend wearing masks during training, but it is not mandatory. Staff will be wearing them for their own safety.

Following these guidelines will help us ensure positive training experience for all students. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we move forward during this pandemic.

Please note for students that want to train from safety and comfort of their own home, we are offering Virtual training lessons through zoom! Contact the school for additional information.