J.K.Kang’s Kickboxing program offers comprehensive striking techniques that involve punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and dynamic kicks. It can also be used for effective self defense and integrated effectively into mma training.  In each classes , our trainers will offer detailed explanation/execution of movements, shadow boxing, flow drills, heavy bag work, various forms of plyometric, HIIT(heavy intensity interval training) , weight/resistance training ,and when a student feels ready, they can even try full contact sparring with protective equipment.  It is a great exercise and fitness system that can have great benefits such as: weight loss, increase in flexibility, better cardiovascular health, muscle development, and strength training.  It is a great training program for both experienced and inexperienced, and students will progress at their comfortable pace.  Best way to learn about our great program is to try out our two weeks special program for $29!(Include boxing gloves) After you try out our program, you will see that it is your best choice for your fitness/lifestyle journey. We are excited to work with Elite Sports and Born Tough products! We will post a review as soon as we try them and let you know about our experience!


We GUARANTEE that you will greatly enjoy our program.

This Month Special Offer!Class Schedule Monday, Wednesday, Thursday : 8:30~9:10 (pm) Saturday : 11:10~11:50 (am) Call ( 440 ) 979-0886 or Email: jktaekwondo@sbcglobal.net