Grandmaster Jong Ho Park


GrandMaster Park, the head of this academy, has studied, trained, and competed in Taekwondo. Eventually, he received a bachelor’s degree and a masters in the physical education of Taekwondo, at KyungHee University in South Korea. He was then able to be admitted into the highly competitive Kukkiwon, and Korean National Demonstration Team. This Demonstration team is recognized today as one of if not the best demo teams in the world. GrandMaster Park is proud to say that he was on the team for 7 years. Due to his dedication to the sport, he was awarded the President’s Award by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. In addition to his already impressive achievements, he has recently achieved an official Kukkiwon 8th-degree black belt that is recognized by all Taekwondo practitioners around the globe. He has now begun his decade-long training for the 9th-degree black belt which is the highest status you can achieve in Taekwondo. This title not only makes GrandMaster Park one of the only Taekwondo practitioners in the world to hold this status, but he is also one of the most certified people to guide and instruct the future generation of Taekwondo.

93′ Korean National Demonstration Team
GrandMaster Park’s Demonstration in USA
Presidential Sports Award


GrandMaster Park was the head coach of The Seoul Joong-Kye Elementary School’s Taekwondo team for 13 years. during his time there he led them to be known as the best team in South Korea by dominating every competition. One of the many athletes he trained was none other than, Lee Dae-Hoon, who is one of the most accomplished Taekwondo stars of our time. Lee Dae-Hoon has made the Korean National Team for 11 consecutive years and during his time competing he has won at the biggest international competitions consistently and has even achieved a Silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, a bronze medal at the 2016 ¬†Brazil Olympics, and an athlete at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. GrandMaster Park has also trained his son, Master Chan Park into a multiple time national champion, former national team member, and a two time international open champion. Having teaching experience in both Korea and America for over 30 years, he has more than extensive knowledge in instructing and coaching others in Taekwondo.

GrandMaster Park with his Student, Lee Dae-Hoon at the 2012 Olympic Games
GrandMaster Park and his Son, Chan Park at the 2019 US OPEN