Little Tiger: Age 3 1/2 ~ 5yrs.    Junior: Age 6 ~ 12yrs.    Adult: Age 12 1/2 yrs. and up

*All Little Tigers and Junior students will attend ANY of their ranked classes twice a week plus optional sparring class.

*Sparring class is included with no extra cost.

L.Tigers Intros - Green: MTWTH : 4:30p , MW: 6:10P

L.Tigers Green/black - L.Tigers Black belt level 1&2 : MW: 5:20p ,TTH: 6:10p

L.Tigers Black belt Level 3: MW: 7:00p, TTH: 5:20p

L.Tigers Sparring : Fr: 4:30 p & 6:10p

L.Tigers make up(all belts, room 1): S: 10a

Junior Intro - white belt w/yellow stripe: MW: 6:10p , TTH: 4:30p

Junior Yellow - Brown : MW: 5:20p, TTH: 6:10p

Junior Red - Blk belt: MW: 7p , TTH: 5:20p

Junior Sparring: Fr: 5:20p (Equipment MANDATORY) , 6:10p 

Junior make-up(all belts, room 2): S:10a

Adult/Family(all belts) : MTWTH: 7p

Adult intro-white belt/yellow stripe: MW: 7:45p , TTH: 7:00p

Adult yellow and up: TTH: 7:45p

Adult sparring(all belts): Fr 7:00p

Adult make up(all belts): S: 11a

F.I.T. Team : S: 11:45 a - 12:45 p