The adult Taekwondo program is for young adults and adults from the age 13 to up. Adult Taekwondo program strive to help you gain mastery of body and mind through the practice of Taekwondo, whatever your age or fitness level. Our highly experienced Instructors are there to help you every step of the way. Developing strength, stamina, flexibility and confidence make life more enjoyable. The training and discipline inspire positive changes in all areas of life. Old habits fade away as motivation to live life more fully increases. One obvious benefit of Taekwondo is achieving a fit body, slimming down as needed, looking and feeling younger. Another plus is the practical self-defense techniques you will learn. Add to that stress reduction and inner well being, and it is no wonder why Taekwondo is the best all around fitness choice for men and women. Remember, you are never too old to begin improving your life through the martial arts of Taekwondo.

“Master Park is a great instructor. Since starting my lessons, my confidence and physical fitness have increased. I highly recommend this school, it is a great place to learn martial arts and increase self-confidence and commitment”

-Hasna Rachid

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