from former
Indians Player
Choo and Durbin

Hello, I'm MLB player Shin Soo Choo. My son, Moo Bin, has been diligently training Taekwondo from J.K.Kang's Taekwondo Center since 2009. Unfortunately, due to the trade ( Cincinnati Reds ), we had to leave the school in 2013. I'd like to first thank all the fans in greater Cleveland and all the support from the students and parents from....




Hi, My name is Chad Durbin and I’m a baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. When my family and I moved here from Philly,I wanted to find an activity that will help my son Cade(3 1/2) develop his athletic abilities early and help him develop self- confidence. He is a very shy boy and his mom and I were struggling to find an activity....




Hello, my name is Gary Brown and I’m the running back coach for the Cleveland Browns.  My two children Dorianna and Tre have both been enrolled at J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center for over two years. As a coach, I understand how important discipline and structure is to young children. At J.K.Kang’s Taekwondo Center, the mas....







Little Tigers

For young children from age 3 1/2 to 5 years olds to have fun, learn, and enjoy martial arts...

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For kids from age 6 to 12 years old...

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For young adults and adults from the age 13 to up...

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A GREAT family activity where parents and children can learn, sweat, and help each other to achieve the same GOAL!...

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